Monday, November 12, 2012

I did well on Saturday

   Danny and I won 2 rounds out of 4, which is pretty good. Our first three rounds were against varsity/varsity teams and would very hard fought rounds. The last round we went against a varsity/novice team and won, because the negative team didn't have many arguments against us. Over all, though, I need to improve drastically, for I received 4th in speaker points for three of the rounds, while my partner, Danny, received 1st in speaker points in all four rounds. Tonight, I will be going to the club meeting and we will be debriefing the Round Robin.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rainmakers' Round Robin

   Tomorrow will be my first debate tournament. I think that my partner and I are ready, but if we aren't, that's too bad, because we have no more time to research.
   I'm very excited because not only will all my friends from Rainmakers be there, but some friends that I made up in Bellingham at the EPIC debate camp.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some news

I am afraid that I have again been neglecting this blog, so I will update what is going on in my family.

   First of all, James has been working for about a month after receiving training by the same company that he is now working for. James finished his basic computer training at the beginning of October.
   That brings me to the subject of the 31st of October. I am formally getting rid of the holiday of Holloween, and am replacing it with Reformation Day. On Reformation Day, we celebrate the great reformers like Luther and Calvin, and we also celebrate great theologins like Spurgeon and MacArthur.
   Ezra will be visiting again for Thanksgiving, and our whole family will be going to Seaside for Thanksgiving. It will be a great time!
   Debate. That is what has made my life so busy, and especially now because I am preparing for a Debate Tournament on Saturday.
   That is all for now, because I have to get back to researching.