Sunday, June 30, 2013


Exciting news!! I now have a third sister! Welcome to the family Michelle! (I'm sorry that we're all so strange and weird.)

   Last Sunday, the 23rd of June, 2013, Isaac Daniel Dunn and Michelle Renee Huggins were joined in holy matrimony, and a new member to the Dunn family was added.
   The specific date of the 23rd of June carries important. On the 23rd of June, 2009, my brother asked Mr. Huggins if he could begin courting his daughter Michelle, and so that is when Isaac and Michelle officially began their courtship. Then, exactly two years later, on the 23rd of June, 2011, Isaac proposed to Michelle at Latourell Falls.
   This date, though, would not have received such importance had not Isaac been reminded by Michelle, a year before he proposed, when he was still planning it, that the 23rd of June was when he asked her father. When he heard that, he knew that he had the perfect date for the proposal. So, the following 23rd of June he proposed. Michelle told us later that she had written in her dairy that morning saying that this marked two years of courtship, and maybe in another year, a proposal of marriage. She had no idea that it would come that afternoon (or was it later in the morning?). Though Isaac planned everything far in advance, he completely forgot a very important step that he must make before proposing. To ask Michelle's father. Well, he was in a predicament, because he didn't have Mr. Huggins' phone number. So, when Michelle came over, and went downstairs, Isaac had Rosie get Michelle's cell phone out of her purse, and get Mr. Huggins' phone number from its address book. Luckily Rosie found it as quick as she did, because Michelle was coming up the stairs! Rosie scribbled it down as quick as possible, and made a hasty retreat. Whew! She got out just in time. So Isaac called, and everything else is history. The reason that they were not married until two years later is because they were waiting to finish college.
   This spring Michelle graduated from Bob Jones University with a BS in Home Management, or something with the same meaning but with a longer name. Isaac graduated one week before the wedding from the United States Merchant Marine Academy. He received a commission in the Navy as an officer in the Civil Engineering Corps. The Civil Engineering Corps is the fancy name for the Construction Battalion or the CBs (Sea Bees).
   The wedding was the best you can imagine. Wonderful classical pieces, played by James and my cousin Johanna on the piano. There was even a little flute mixed in there. Then Timothy, David, Benjamin, and I were the ushers. Michelle had two friends, one from BJU, and the other from highschool as her bride's maids, and her sister, Erin, as the maid of honor. Isaac had two of his friends from USMMA, one of them being his room mate, as his groom's men, and Nat as the best man. Because this was somewhat of a military wedding, Isaac, along with his two other friends from USMMA were in their "choker whites" and Isaac had an official Naval ceremonial sword that Ezra, who was unable to attend the wedding had given him. Thus Nat, so that he would match, rented a white tux. They really looked great up there. The overall feel of the wedding was of two families giving their children to each other, to form a new family. It seemed very God-honoring and biblical.
   After the ceremony, everyone went outside to watch the sword arch. Isaac had gotten some guys from the Academy to come and do a sword arch for the wedding. Then Isaac and Michelle passed through, to the last pair of swords, and were halted by the lowering of the swords. "The right of passage is a kiss!" yelled one of the men. So Isaac kissed the bride once more. It was very interesting, to say the least.

   A couple of Isaac's friends stayed at our house several days after the wedding, and I believe that we as a family had a large impact on one of them. He's a Christian, but he said that he was very impressed with our family, how we all were connected to each other, as a family out to be. Benjamin and Johanna, he was the one that your mother was talking to in the kitchen for so long. You could be praying for him, that the Lord would lead him in the right direction, that he might honor his Lord.

   Well, that's all for now, but maybe I'll be able to share some more soon, like wedding pictures. See y'all later!