Wednesday, October 3, 2012

David's Birthday

   Yesterday was David's birthday.
   Funny occurrence, David received a knife as one of his gifts, and when he showed my father, my father commented, "My grandfather once gave me a knife and told me, 'You can have this knife, but if you cut yourself, then you must give it back to me.' I cut myself with the knife, but never told my grandfather. I think that the reason he said this was to keep me from complaining about any cut that I received.
   David, during the events of the evening, cut himself on the finger, but kept it from my father. I couldn't keep myself from laughing.

   Also, I think that I forgot to announce James' birthday when it rolled past, so I'll have to post it now. James' birthday was on the 21st of September.

   So happy birthday David, and happy late-birthday James!

   I just realized that the cousins didn't call to sing happy birthday yesterday! That has been a tradition for them for quite a while, and I'm sure that once they realize that they've forgotten, (or Johanna reads this) that they will call.